Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mayaguez: glitter an ting

Last night was rock n roll in Mayaguez. People brought fireworks, aparently trying to actually "set the place on fire". Nice. Band was nuff fire anyways.... Thanks to everyone who came out to the first MIMA show on the west coast!!! It was an amazing night. We're gonna post some photos from the both shows later this weekend.

See you in Santurce tonight. Bottle rockets and black jacks are parking lot only though.... This is what it looks like suzzie..

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Chinese Kitchen

Well well... Back in town again after a week of rehearsals in Isabela PR. We've been staying at a spot right on the beach, which obviously kicks alot of ass. The catch THIS time is that it's the smallest fucking 1 room shack you've ever seen in your life. Complete with bunk beds, a miniature Chinese kitchen, and live in cockroaches... Yeah... It's a like full on killing spree whenever we show up. Once you disinfect though, it's not half bad. We are 30 seconds from the beach, and NO neighbors. So we can do whatever comes to mind, whenever it comes to mind.

You can check the fotos here... We also posted a short video of JoJo battling a "giant" grasshopper that broke up our "front porch night rehearsal". Me and Mima, not so into the bugs...

Fotos say alot about the trip. Beach, smallest crib ever, eating coffee and Corona, and making alot of noise. We've also been into this pizza spot called Wisnely's. The foods ok, but they got the SIIICK foto collection. 450 lasagna combo w/ hood type boxing/clown fotos??? Retarded. At some point we started making grills out of sea shells, and making bongs out of Medalla cans and ink pens. Probably not in that order though...

We're still on the grind. These shows next week are gonna change the game. Hablanos. -Nature

Monday, April 02, 2007

Gatos Bizcos.... or... 8:00 am in the pearl....

San Juan was moving pretty fast this weekend... Fancy Pizza for the first time in years. Bebos, Los Pioneros. Circa thing was bizzarre (a show without sound.....). Everything kind of led to Las Hermanas Colón's show in Seda on Saturday Night. Las Hermanas set the place on fire... Mima showed up shirt and tie style w/ a mustache and goatee, and we did a little medley number with the sisters.... Gato Bizco, into Salvaje, into Abuela, with the "mumbliest, please don't follow along" lirics ever. Amazing... Some where in the middle there was chest expansion, and I think i spilled a drink on someone. We had QUITE A BIT OF FUN.

I played some music off the Itunes Library after the show and somebody asked me about these two tunes, sooo.... here you go. If you want to win big at the local drunken dance party you play these two songs. Keep in mind, it helps if the crowd has already sung Gato Bizco, and Salvaje, which means their nice and warm. Shut em down with these....

MALA FE - El Burro
It's Mala Fe. This one starts with a donkey noise...

???? - Ridicerous
I don't know the real name of this song, and I have NO IDEA who sings it. I got this of this Lebanese restaurant owner in texas (really...) He told me the singer is a 85 year old woman. Best part is the parking lot outtakes chopped into the tune. Sounds like they're playing under a carpa at Claridad or something.

Jojo thanks love, and Nature thanks you... -Nate